For the past 3 weeks I’ve been sharing some stories of people whose lives have poured out on me-their experiences and actions have fallen upon the soil of my life, like the softest of rain that pours from a watering can. I truly do love this picture; kindness and gentleness, patience and tender care coming from others in such a way that it changes lives.

I often think of such people.  I admire them and aspire to be such a friend.  Sometimes I think I’m making progress and sometimes I make mistakes.  But desire for growth remains, and gratefully so!  For when the desire fades, we are in trouble.

This series has sparked conversation with myself and others. Conversations about thewatering can lifestyle and ultimately, how to become a person that encourages, loves, and pours so easily and naturally into the lives of the people we come in contact with on a daily basis.

I have learned that there is a true desire among the community of readers here. And, when you really think about it, doesn’t want to be known as a kind person, or a gentle, caring friend?

There are people who don’t, or better yet, can‘t.  There are some people who are incapable of pouring out on others due to chemical imbalances in their brain function, and others who just don’t care.

I won’t touch on the latter. However, it is important to understand that when it to thiswatering can lifestyle, I believe there are two categories-those who don’t, or can‘t care, and the Rest of Us. The Rest of Us are people who have the desire to obtain this lifestyle, but who need work.

If you, like me, feel you have some room to grow in this area, then welcome to The Rest of Us.  We have some areas that need work and attention.  Straight up, here are our main issues:

  1.    We are busy.
  2.    We are driven and distracted by money
  3.    We worry
  4.    We are wounded

This is not simple stuff, friends.  We’re not talking about pithy little details on how to have a better life along the way.

This is life, itself.

Do these issues consume your life in such a way that you are unaware of your growth? Do these things keep you from growing? It is so easy to get caught up in the busy-ness, the worry and the hurts that we lose sight of our desire to grow, and the watering can lifestyle gets forgotten.

One of the easier times to gauge our growth is when we (or those near us) go through change or loss.

Picture your neighbor moving away.  Will you miss her?  Will she miss you?  Do you even know each other?  Did your life matter to each other?

How about at your graduation, going away party or retirement ceremony one day?  What will folks reminisce about when you’ve left for the last time?

How about at your memorial service one day?  What, exactly, would you like your loved ones to say about you?

Take time to consider these, friends. These situations will happen. This is the legacy that you are writing right now. Desire growth.

Truth is at stake – for truth is the seed that is being watered.  And we, we are part of thewatering team.  WE ARE the Watering Can people that will be used to water that seed.

So we look at those who are doing well in this Watering Can living and we become grateful.   We become more and more like them as they pour themselves directly onto the seed that exists, the seed that will grow if watered patiently and given enough soil to take root.  And we love them for doing it.  We are thirsty, thirsty people – all of us.

Next time you are sitting down in your kitchen, try this out; take an apple and cut it in half.  Look at all the fruit around the outside and the few little seeds on the inside.  Think of how that apple came to grow…

 It started as a seed that fell on the ground.  The soil condition was good enough for the seed to take root.  And the seed got watered and grew…

 Just do it.  Let me know how the story unfolds for you.  It may be the sweetest apple you ever tasted.

As you experience gratitude come over you, whisper a little prayer for someone who needs a little water in their life.

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