Business and organizations have many key performance indicators (KPI’s). They are necessary and inherent to sustainable success. The places we do business with, the stores we frequent & the products we buy, the service folk we choose to employ, etc. Each needs to offer us the product we seek at a price we deem fair and an experience that is marked by convenience, ease of use, internal efficiency, profit per unit (etc) are classic KPI’s. They are critical measurables.

The place you work has KPI’s. The ratio of output per employee, profit per sale, cost per unit and such; each is measured and used to set forecasting budgets, drives hiring/firing decisions, setting pricing, pursuing growth, etc.

Other organizations, say a civic group or a church or a homeowner’s association, have KPI’s as well. They count people, budgets, involvement and convert them to key measurables. Sit in on a few meetings and you start hearing phrases (attached to numbers) like giving units, average age, average attendance, revenue per member, etc.

Pure and simple, we have to measure stuff. What gets measured gets done.

But you and I – we the people – we are not a metric. We are the ones who make whatever is getting measured actually come to life.

To change the culture for the better in every way, we have to invest in the core need of those who make the metrics happen – the people. You & me. And our core need is to know and experience love. We need to experience that WE have value, worth, consideration, empathy, welcome, companionship, compassion, friendship, hope, etc.

I bring the revolution of Jesus’ life to the conversation because of how radically influential His work was in changing the culture of the world. Your workplace would change forever for the better if you did this.

Two foundational principles that will change the culture of our business and organizations were foundational to his life and teaching; Love and Service. I’d like to offer a few words on what Love does to change the culture, taken from his influence. Imagine your company if marked by such love.

Love leaves stretch marks. You change and look different after you become a loving culture. The culture becomes one marked by patience and kindness. Folks here are not prone to being envious, arrogant, rude or angry. We never assign value (as a person) to a particular mistake one of us makes. We celebrate true moral victories and never immoral ones. Everyone on this team feels and experiences protection, trust, hope and the growing belief that we can persevere through the seasons that come.

This is love defined. This is love that changes a culture. This is the love that Jesus told his friends would change the world, if they would let the world see it, if they would become a little organization that personified it.

When we do this, the little corners of the world we influence are changed for the better. When we don’t, nothing changes. The tyrants win and the rest of us simply try to survive.

It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, it wasn’t designed to be or stay this way to any degree, shape or form. Love has come to us to change us and all that we touch, including our workplace organizations.

Talking about love in the workplace is tough. Folks ‘get it’ but need to get on with the day to day goings on and the task at hand. So they wait for their boss to make culture-changing love happen. And when it doesn’t, they complain.

That’s why Jesus’ message actually works. You don’t get to wait for your boss to do this. YOU get to be the change-agent. *Ironically, this is why some folks don’t like Jesus much.

So start with yourself. Love who God made you to be and that you get to express love in what you do today. Do it with stretch marks! Think of others first. Do the right thing when no one is looking or pats you on the back. Forgive yourself when you mess up and get back in and try again. Find someone else and talk about being a covert agent of culture changing influence. Don’t wait for your boss or supervisor to lead. You lead! (Your boss is buried in reports and busyness that would overwhelm and frustrate you anyway.)

And, if you are a follower of Jesus, pray. Ask him to help you, to guide you, to remind you of what to do. He will do it.

Lead from within. Penetrate your culture with love in the privacy of your own heart, then in the practical outputs your job affords you. It’s your platform. It’s where who you are meets the customer and co-workers need.

They need what you do. The KPI’s that you contribute to matter – because YOU matter.

We need you in that spot you fill on the team, friend. You know why? Because you can do this culture-changing love well. And when you do, the customer and your co-worker are going to experience a love-drenched life when they pass your station – and that will change everything.

Man your station with a love-drenched belief that you will change the world.

Regardless of how others respond – you win. The KPI’s will continue, they will simply drip with a more transcendent glow.

And we will have you to thank.

Thanks in advance, friend!

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