The past two posts (Two principles that will change the culture & Stretch Marks) were undergirding for the “What Now” thoughts I’m about to share. If you didn’t read them, it might be a good time to take-5 and quickly connect there.

To become a culture of Love and Service, to embrace that Love Is Required and that we Serve By Doing, we have to have a baseline. There must be a fundamental, not-negotiable, unequivocal truth basis. Otherwise everything becomes subjective and relevant. And then the wheels fall off. We argue, we debate, we negotiate and we compromise.

Some of that’s necessary, some of it’s not.   Do you want to change or don’t you?

The teaching and leadership of Christ Jesus is what I’ve been building on. Some of you are his followers. Some of you don’t like Christians or the church. I don’t care about either of those positions right at this moment, frankly. I want to focus on how to apply what Jesus taught so that it affects the desk of the person reading this right now – you.

What he did that changed the culture – how He showed Love and Service that change the culture.   Here’s a simple list of 5 things he did that you can do. These 5 alone will change the culture of your office

He shared meals with folks. A lot of good life gets shared over a meal or a coffee together! We all need to eat. Do you really need to eat by yourself, at your desk? Are you that busy that you can’t love and serve the teammate nearby and invest 30 minutes together?   No, actually you’re not. You’re just not focused on loving and serving. Now you are. Do it.

He took walks with his friends. A modern day idea might be to ride-share one day a week just to ensure that you spend some time together. Or you could show up to work 30 minutes early and get a power-walk in together. Lots of good stuff happens in your brain when you’re walking and all those brain-wavey-things are going off. But you’re busy and this would be inconvenient, right? Right. Now trade that busyness in for something that is loving and will serve your teammate. Do it.

He asked folks meaningful questions about their lives. Are you married? Where are you from? Tell me about your kids or your hobbies, what you did before you came here? What do you like to do for fun? Want to really impress someone here – write down the answers they give them, then ask them for an update in a few days using specific details that you remember. Bam! – that is loving and serving. But you’re busy, I know. Not too busy. Do it over the meal or the walk. I just gave you two options. Do it.

He believed in and affirmed them. This is all about noticing others, seeing them as people, looking for them and noticing. “There you are – I was hoping I would see you first thing today” says “You Matter To Me” to a person. It says I value, I consider, I hope for you. It’s salve for the soul. Have I beat you up on the busy excuse yet? Do it.

He shared his life story with them. The rubber meets the road now. Vulnerability and transparency, with a healthy dose of wise appropriateness and you just may have the start of a friendship. Avoid backing the dump-truck up and unloading. Listen first – they’ll ask for your story soon. Not too busy now, right? Right. Do it.

Interesting how closely spelled these two words are; busyness and business, yet how busyness impedes the success of business. At least it impedes the growth of the culture of the business (or organization).

You and I, we can do this. We can trade our busyness excuses in and invest in the growth. It will stretch us and mark us.(link to stretch mark post)

If you work for a company or a group that has 10 people in it and you, just you, decided to invest 12 minutes a day intentionally doing one of the 5 things above and you did it every day for a year, you’d have spent 50 hours of your own time improving the culture. 50 hours is a lot of time!

12 minutes isn’t.

Busy is no longer an acceptable excuse. It’s just a poor choice that we can trade in for the higher call to which we aspire and seek.

12 minutes turns into 12 months, into 12 year…but you turn into the person you were called to be. You will be dang good at your job and when you retire or we attend your memorial service we will call you FRIEND, the one we remember with love and appreciation for the servant you were.

Become that. You can do it. Do it. You will change the world!

And we have Jesus to thank for teaching us such things. I, for one, am thankful to him and to you for including me in such a high call.

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