I wrote recently about a kindness missionary named Jack, a fellow whose life was poured out on others like soft rain from a watering can, a man whose life impacted others, including me, in a profound way.

Jack is special but Jack is not alone in his mission.  I met another one this week that is worth noting. His name is David.

As David was travelling across the country, he stopped in the NW to meet with a few folks, and I was honored to be one of them.  His message was direct, personal, challenging and compelling, while at the same time gentle, kind and life giving. David, like Jack, watered the soil of the soul by carefully pouring into the life of others.

Like water softens hardened soil to give the seed a fighting chance to grow so, too, does life when it is shared with others in need.

Do you wonder if your life will impact others that way?  Is it softening the soil of the soul for others?  Does your life matter that deeply?

Children, unless abused and trampled on, believe this naturally and with ease.  So many are pouring into them to bless and encourage that the child believes life is good.  We call it child-like faith, this is how they see the world.  What is being poured into them is taking root. Are they naive for believing it?  No – the pouring in is simply working.

As we get a little older we start to see how the world really works and it takes a little striving to keep the dream of a meaningful life on track.  Again, unless abused.

In early to mid adulthood, the search and quest for success and significance is in high gear.  Survive as you strive during the zenith of activity becomes the norm.  There are a lot of opportunities for abuse during this season.

And then, all of a sudden, you’re older.  Your life, during these legacy years, is marked by ______?  Abuse – striving – surviving – success – significance – Idiocy?

I’m moving into the older years here sooner than I want to admit.  I still have plenty of mid-life left in me, I suppose, but I am compelled to ask, with my whole being, does life matter deeply?  Guys like Jack, David, and now, myself – we are asking ourselves and I am asking you – does your life matter deeply?

Want to know the answer, the concrete and rock-solid answer?

It does.

You – your life and your value – it is not defined by what you do or have done or what has been done to you.  Your life matters profoundly.

The scriptures tell us that from the beginning of time, all of creation has been trying to tell us this.  That God is real, that he is good, that he created the world, where his priorities are and that he seeks relationship with us.  You and I, we are the pinnacle of his creative process, the most special of all creation.  He invites us to see that with child like faith.

Some days it’s easy to disagree with Him.  I’m not really that special.  The key, I suppose, is whether you even think HE is real and there and cares.

I’ll save the apologetics for another day but with the water I have in my watering can this morning, I wanted you to have it.  I want to pour it on you this day.  YOU are that special.  Your life really does matter deeply.  His words, not mine.

That seed needs to be watered.

So, with child-like faith, we receive and give the water because the seed is there.

Some of us have lives hardened and trampled and the seed will get snatched away by the next bird that flies along.  May the water soften the soil and may the seed take root.

Some of us are flying fast and furious or buried in busyness and the water coming in feeds both the seed as well as all the weeds surrounding us – keeping up the pace is trumping drinking in the goodness.  May we have the courage to see the depth of our foolishness and ask for help getting rid of some things on the to-do list.

And may those of us with soil prepared for growth – may we simply enjoy the process and bear much fruit.  May the tree that is our life produce fruit, containing seeds…

May these words encourage you to drink deeply from water poured your way today, which comes from the most special of sources – the heart of God.

Drink deeply and be refreshed.

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