I don’t know why God made our bodies with all the nuances that we have but the ability to clear the room with one little gaseous push from the tush ranks high on the mystery scale. I’m not complaining, mind you – I appreciate the finer things in life, including a little sphincter whistle here and there.

But farting in an elevator? C’mon man! That’s mean, wrong and just plain unkind!

Farting is real and here to stay but should be experienced in solitude, preferably outside and never in the elevator.

Gossip is the same way.

Sharing a juicy tidbit in the closed setting of a few friends has a similar affect. Everyone gets to experience the stinky little waft of someone’s drama.

Did you hear about so and so? Can you believe what she did? Talk about a little thunder from down under.

What we share lingers with others. It hangs on. It sticks. And when we do it to titillate ourselves somehow it’s weird, it’s abnormal and it’s wrong. It’s like intentionally breathing in someone else’s butt breath. But it happens all the time. None of us get a pass on the temptation to do it.

Gossip changes us for the worse. We become the stinkers, huddled around the mess of another, hoping for some sort of experienced solidarity because ‘what they did’ was somehow worthy of our collective judgment.

Sound harsh? I know. So is farting in an elevator.

The internet feeds us so much titillating data now. It makes the gossip column of the local newspaper look tiny. We are all the more informed about the goings on of others.

May we be equally informed of the goings on in ourselves as we subject ourselves to the waft, the stink, the impropriety of feeding on what so and so did or said. When you go online, beware. You’re walking into an elevator and folks in there are carrying jumbo burritos!

Gossip lessens us, not just the person we choose to yap about. We lose too.

Take the high road today. Practice solidarity for the good news of and for others. Pray for one another. Heck, pray for me. I have ‘stuff’ that I would love God’s tender help on and I would love to know that you are rooting for me.

I tried to have a little fun with this topic, but it is serious. You know what’s behind a fart as well as I do. It’s poo, it’s crap. Gossip is noting that someone else has some poo.

And we’re talking about it. Really?

High road here, friends, we need to find it, and take it.

Love well today. Be kind. The elevator is overrated. Take the stairs.

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