Hello again.  I’ve been off the radar for a while, as far as being engaged with posting things to the old blog-machine.  In fact, I forgot the login password and had to solicit the help of some my super smart friends to help me figure that out (apologies if I didn’t call you – you’re probably one of my smart friends too!  But these are my, well, really smart friends=)


A few quick updates for you as to why I even started sharing some talking points 10+ years ago.

First: I really learn a lot about life by sharing story with folks.  Their story, their journey, their struggle and joy.  So, the blog is about sharing story and starting the conversation.

Second: Our precious lives are marked by seasons of elation, sorrow and all the in-betweens that one could imagine.  Showing up, starting the conversation, it seems to be a catalyst to share for others.  So, the blog is about being a catalyst for others

Third: Engaging the heart and mind to connect, respond and rejoice.  This old world of ours is marked by profound evidences of light and darkness, of positivity and negativity, good and evil.  We know that light changes darkness and not the other way around.  The blog is an invitation for the light to come in and simply shine.

If you’ve followed me for any length of time you’ll know that I’m a guy who loves his wife, his kids, his work, his friends, and his God.  I’m not a preacher, I’m a banker.  I have an encouraging bent to my heart and a fair bit of rawness to my soul.

Sometimes what I have to say in conversation is not well thought out, may come out a little sideways.  Heck, sometimes I need to cuss because it’s the only adjective I can think of. 

Sometimes I should just not say anything because, well, I’m just processing something down deep.  That pretty much sums up the sharing-hiatus of the last year or so I suppose.

Katelyn and I (she’s my awesome little girl – kinda little – ok, not little anymore) will be putting things out on the interwebs again on Thursday mornings.  I hope you’ll find something in there from time to time that engages your heart and mind to connect deeply, to respond in hope to wherever that invitation is coming from inside of you, and to rejoice with an appropriate abundance of childlike joy.

Life this past year has been, for me, a time to be a little deeper beneath the surface, a little more withdrawn, a time of healing, and a lot more focused on my core needs and my wonderful life with my sweet wife.  We celebrate 35 years here in June and, amidst it all, I find myself free to come back to the coffee table with others for conversations that matter.

So, here I am, coming up for air.  It’s good to be alive and here with you today. 

Standing firm,

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