A favorite movie of mine is My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The movie is funny because of the zany family dynamics of the Portokalos family and their unique individual personalities. If you’ve not seen it (recently) I recommend queuing it up for a watch here soon!

One of my favorite scenes from the show is Aunt Nota explaining the lump she’d found on her neck and how, after having it ‘bibopsied’ by the doctor, they discovered it was her twin.

Today I go in to meet my twin. Today I go in for my own “bibopsy”. Today I go see a specialist for the lump on my neck. (Perhaps I should spray it with Windex first…)

I’m not overly concerned. But this isn’t a funny scene from a movie designed for entertainment. This is a real story for me. I could be at the beginning of a medical struggle or I could be finding out that this is really nothing to worry about.

At this point, this is really just uncomfortable and inconvenient.

Life is funny though. I suppose funny is a relevant word. Maybe rich is a better word. This uncomfortable and inconvenient lump came at a time that wasn’t built into my schedule. It hurt. It frightened me initially. It created concern and distraction for others.

But life is still kind of funny when you think about it. And it is certainly rich.

I have experienced the concern, prayers and well wishes of many people. Life is more in perspective for me than it was a few weeks back. I’m more focused than I’ve been in a long while.

“It’s probably nothing” is a tempting sentiment, though I do hope that’s true. But, honestly, it’s been a gift, even if (medically) it turns out to be nothing of consequence.

The gift is how it’s changed my focus. My eyes and intentions are recalibrated where I want them to be. Not on the uncomfortable and inconvenient lump, but on the warmth of the heart that has been shown to me by others and from God.

I have a favorite scripture from the Hebrew writer on my wall. My sweet daughter, Katelyn, made a beautiful artwork piece for me so that I’d see it every day. It’s a paragraph on focusing on precisely where I want to go in life and who I want to go there with. I hope you’ll read it today and share your thoughts with me.

Thanks for all the well wishing prayers and sentiments. Know that you are part of the great gift in all of this. Life is funny. Life is rich. I have you all in my heart today.

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