My interview with Sharri is part of the Agents of Influence interview series we are conducting across Central WA. Please enjoy getting to know her a bit better, as did I, and with the hopes that her story and success will inspire and assist you as you grow and serve with us here in the center of our great state!

Sharri Bailey has found her calling. Though she serves the greater Yakima valley as a real estate broker, her gift is as an educator. With that gift she has designed a uniquely successful career as one of the most sought out and highly regarded agents in our market and throughout the state.

Soft-spoken yet purposeful, Sharri exudes class and confidence. Extremely well educated and continuing to grow and learn, she translates head and heart into life with kindness and grace. Those who’ve known her for many years know that she is a uniquely special woman. Sit next to Sharri and you are sitting next to the smartest person in the room.

Born and raised right here in the valley, her grandparents were some of the original settlers in Moxee and the family has been here ever since. Like her grandparents, parents and all seven of her siblings, the Yakima valley has aslways been and always will be home.

Family is the most important thing to Sharri. Her two girls, Brook & Cierra, are clearly the joy of her life. She admires them both deeply and the women they are. Brook and her husband, Sherlock Holmes Jr. (yep!) live up north in Ferndale where she manages the business office of a veterinary hospital and he works as an electrical engineer. Cierra, the ‘old soul’ of the family, is here in the valley and, as Sharri smiled, is one who is laid back and could talk to you about anything.

Sharri credits her business savvy to her father and Grandma Taft (great niece of President Taft!). Her father was a small business owner in the valley, and was a great inspiration to Sharri as she grew up. Her mom was a mentor to her growing up and cultivated a love for education through her supportive nature.

Seeking to help others in life, Sharri got her education degree and began her career teaching kids. Well into her teaching career, Sharri made a move to real estate. She tried to do both for a while but the real estate side took off so quickly through her connections and gifted ability, she made the transition to real estate full time and hasn’t looked back since. Now, a decade later, her business comes almost exclusively by referral yet she is still educating buyers, peers in the industry, leaders in the industry and herself.

Along side Sharri’s successful real estate business, she has a heart for service. Currently, Sharri is president elect for WA Certified Residential Specialist board for 2015. CRS is the largest non-profit affiliate of the National Association of Realtors® with over 30,000 professionals and exists to resource agents with tools, strategies, educational programs and systems to better the industry and improve their service to the community. In addition to serving through the CRS board, she is also serving as past president of the Yakima Realtor Board as well as a WA Realtor Director.

Sharri’s counsel to a buyer or seller looking for a referral to an agent was direct and simple:

1. Trustworthy: Trust is earned, not given. A client should be able to build trust if the agent is:
a. Introduced by referral – someone you already trust referred you
b. Marked by kindness and attentive listening
c. Committed to hard work, is knowledgeable and maintains professional standards of excellence

2. Responsive: A great agent will be able to communicate well and respond to the client in a timely fashion

3. Has a proven track record of success: If an agent is really good they will have helped a good amount of people and will gladly give out referrals to past clients that you can call.

Sharri is regularly complimented for her kindness, knowledge of the area and industry, her thorough and timely responsiveness and how she simply addresses client’s questions and concerns.

Her heart beats strong for the industry and the greater Yakima market. Besides family and faith, this is the most important part of my life she said. I love Yakima, I love real estate and I love helping people. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Sharri does just that – loves!

*as of writing this, Sharri will be recouping from a little re-surgery on her leg from a skiing injury some years ago. Perhaps you could shoot her a little note of encouragement or give her a call/text.

Thank you, Sharri, for you service to our community. You’re helping change the landscape of Yakima for the better – well done!

Sharri Bailey 509.952.9839

To learn more about CRS designation please visit


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