Every soul craves simple peace. Just ask Schiree Minor. Amidst the complexity of her career and responsibilities, peace has come through the highs and lows.

I had the privilege of sitting with Schiree just before Christmas this past season. We visited and talked about life, how we got where we are here in Central WA, the career paths we’ve taken, why we do what we do and the spirit behind our work. Schiree will tell you that she stumbled into her career at AmeriTitle. I am inclined to believe there was a more providential move that got her there.

Schiree moved out from Montana in the mid 80’s. A horse lover, roper and all around country-girl, she needed a job and applied for a typist position at, then, Kittitas County Title. Hard work and steady effort propelled her in various title roles yet her love and care for people lured her over to the escrow side of the office where she could have day to day, face to face contact directly with the customer. When she talked about ultimately being promoted as the escrow department manager she giggled, “I just outlasted all of them”.

Nah…don’t buy that for a minute. Schiree is a care giver, through and through. She was the right choice all along.

It’s okay to forget what hurt you but don’t forget what it taught you. Don’t get so big and into yourself that you forget that life is pretty simple – just be kind to people. Schiree Minor

Schiree’s story reminds me of why I started writing the Agents of Influence series last year. Everyone has a story. Good people doing good work, like Schiree, have a story of how they came to be doing the good work they do. Schiree is no exception. Hers involves a big heart, a big turning point and a renewed hope.

14 years ago, Schiree said goodbye to her late husband, Larry. It was a goodbye that came far too early in life, yet his passing at age 49 changed her. It grew her deeper and stronger. She had the choice to be mad and disappointed or the choice to learn to love and trust again. She remembered that first Christmas after losing her husband. A girlfriend and her son brought her a Christmas Tree.   She learned that the little boy had told his mommy that he now understood the true meaning of Christmas – giving. Schiree, the caregiver, was receiving the gift of care herself.

Hard as that season was, it didn’t define her. It refined her service, her heart, her care for her community and those who loved her through it. She recalls how her company rallied around her, clients and friends, law firms and folks at the courthouse pouring out their hearts and extending their love to her – she continued to receive the very love and care that she needed and that she now gives freely to us all.

Life has been good to Schiree. She and Mike Minor married 4 years ago. Life is richer and deeper than it’s ever been! Her son, Cole, is finishing a lineman apprenticeship and has a heart the size of hers. She adores both of these men and, all the while, her care for her team at AmeriTitle, her care for their customers, her fondness for the community (especially the elderly) continues to blossom.

Her life confirms for us all what the Apostle Paul wrote to his friends at Corinth, Death is swallowed up in victory. So true in Schiree’s life.

Thank you, Schiree, for all you do for all of us here in Kittitas County! Your life is a testament of grace and kindness. You’re great at your job but your greater still at caring and kindness. You are right – life is pretty simple!

Well done, friend! Well done indeed.


Feel free to leave a comment to Schiree in the comment section below or just shoot her an email at schiree.minor@ameri-title.com.  Fan the flame of this great hearted friend!

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