My interview with Laura is part of the Agents of Influence series we are conducting across Central WA.  Please enjoy getting to know Laura a bit better, as did I, and with the hopes that her story and success will inspire and assist you as you grow and serve with us here in the center of our great state!

“I think when I retire I’d like to become a master gardener!”  Laura Mounter


Laura likes the outdoors.  From trekking the local trails, to roaming the hills on horseback or snowmobile, cruising the town and country in her jeep or motorhome, Laura and her husband Don, along with their beloved dog Charly, love and enjoy everything about the Wenatchee area.

But given a free afternoon or a quiet piece of time on the weekend you’ll likely find Laura out gardening. Plants, flowers, vegetables – she likes it all.  “I love digging in the dirt,” she said. “I like the project, improving things, watching things grow.”

Laura was born and raised right here in Cashmere.  She grew up wanting to be a teacher and a coach.  Pursuing her education accordingly, she worked her way through college working on a salmon tender during the summers up in Alaska.  After she graduated she began her teaching career in the greater Bellevue area where she both taught school and coached teachers and athletes in aerobic fitness classes.

Real Estate, she said, was a fluke.  Her mom had been an agent and helped Laura get her license over 30 years ago.  Some fluke!  Laura has gone on to build an exceptionally successful career as both an agent/broker and an owner/broker, opening her company in 1999 and developing it into a thriving enterprise.

She credits her success quickly to her amazing staff and sales team.  “Judy and Nanette are phenomenal,” she boasts without hesitation.  Judy is her office manager and Nanette her sales manager.  Great agents abound in her office and she is nothing short of extremely proud of all of them.  Many of her team has been with her close to, or over, 10 years.

Clay Schoengarth was with me at the interview.  He asked her “Did you always want to grow the business this big?”  Her reply was humble and soft.  “I started with 4 great folks and it grew from there,” she said.

I asked her how her love for gardening translated into her having built, from the ground up, such a successful brand for herself and her team.  She knew the market and the city had been kind to her.  But Laura has made this grow with good old fashioned, get your hands dirty up to your elbows, hard work and a great team.

Sprinkle it with the needed water of care and concern for others and it grew into an impressive, living organization. 

We discussed folks who inspire her and those she admires.  Her staff and team – she cares deeply for them and admires them as people.  Steve Bishop – a competitor, yet a friend whose positivity and integrity stand out to her.  Mike and Joanne Walker, whose generosity of time, talent and resources continue to make Wenatchee a better place.

*Perhaps this would be a good time for me to tell Laura that I have asked other folks in the city, during interviews like hers, for names of people that they admire – and Laura Mounter is amongst the first listed every time.


I come away from my meeting with Laura feeling like I have, in fact, sat with a master gardener.  She has grown her business and her brand very much that way; from the ground up and with consistent care.  She has watered it with

quality and patience.

 She is humble enough to admit her mistakes, wise enough to slow things down a bit, and has learned that patience is required in this life if you want to be in it for the long haul.

If you have a minute today – shoot her a text or a quick email.  Water her a little with some encouragement!  Tell her you read her story or add a line or two of your own commentary.  Or if you’re up early one day, grab your hiking boots and hit the trail with her and Charly!  See if you can keep up…

Thanks for sharing behind the scenes with us, Laura!  You are a much appreciated and admired woman in our city.  You’re hard work helps us all grow.

You can call/text Laura at 509.670.3303 or email her at

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