My interview with Becky is part of the Agents of Influence series we are conducting across Central Wa. Please enjoy getting to know Becky a bit better, as did I, and with the hopes that her story and success will inspire and assist you as you grow and serve with us here in the center of our great state!
Becky Long. A passionate wife and mother, a seasoned real estate broker, a big time lover of Wenatchee, and a gifted teacher – her secret sauce is often created in the kitchen. Becky loves to cook!

From whipping up a delicious meal simply from ingredients found in the pantry & fridge for her family to crafting a memorable tostada bar for friends coming over for a Seahawk game, she is quick to tell you that she loves to feed people! She finds it relaxing and a heartfelt way to express her love for others.

She calls it ‘love on a plate’. “I like to make people happy with food,” she laughed. Her husband, Brandon, and their two kids, Ashton and Aidan, are front line beneficiaries. “I’m trying to keep things healthy,” she said, joking with me about the need for all of us to eat well, but more of what is good for us.

As she creates custom meals, she relates her real estate career with similar passion and emphasis. “I’m looking for exactly what the customer needs, wants, and desires,” she stressed. Like preparing a gourmet meal from scratch, she approaches each client with patience in preparation. When describing how she works with a buyer, it was very clear. “I’m not here to sell them a house,” she explained. “I’m here to teach, to help them become an educated and well informed buyer. I want them to feel good about their decision so I take my time and make sure they consider all their buying options.”

We paralleled her love and passion for cooking, for her family, and for her clients. The themes were clearly integrated: treat others the way you’d like to be treated. Special & Unique.

That sure sounds like love on a plate to me.

Becky coaches buyers and sellers, when considering committing to a real estate broker relationship, to employ some simple but useful strategies:
Make sure they are a fit. Get to know them, their approach, their personality. Read their bio and look for their passion. If you can’t find it in what they write about themselves, find someone who is passionate.
Work with folks you are referred to. Find someone in their market that you know and respect, and lean on their input.
Work with a listener. “I don’t like to be sold and I won’t sell anyone”. A good agent should listen to you and help you get in ‘buyer mode’ vs selling you a house.
Educated and growing. Your agent should have an ongoing knowledge system in place.

For all you do in the community as an agent, Becky – well done! Nothing changes a community more than love. That is the recipe we are all looking for. You’re a great agent, friend, and servant here in Wenatchee! Keeping serving love on a plate in all ways. You’ve found the special recipe!

Take a minute to shoot Becky a note or text today. She would love to hear from you!

Becky Long
Windermere Real Estate/NCW

or connect with her on Facebook HERE

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