This is My Story

I’m a thankful family guy, friend and businessman.  I work with the passionate conviction that what we do matters in life – everything we do matters.  This God given world of ours is a mysteriously beautiful mess.  Beauty and brokenness can be seen from about any vantage point.  I need encouragement in the midst of that reality so I look around at lives like yours and mine, I look at the life of Jesus and I find hope.  Your story inspires mine.  My hope for us all is that we will find ourselves living into an ever improving story.  So I have claimed my little platform in my community and my job as a place where light can and will shine forth.  May we notice each other as we encourage and live as we should – power filled by a Spirit of love and compassion.  May we be brilliant and effective!  May our words & actions encourage that all the more.

I am

“thankful… family guy… businessman… follower of Jesus… sometimes messy… real…”

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