Some folks are “black and white” type people. Kyle Eberth describes his life journey beginning that way. A fun and friendly, well-liked kid with a strong sense of right and wrong, Kyle fit nicely into a system where things could be logically explained and clearly followed.

But then things got a little gray…

Kyle, early in high school, began to realize that his black and white world just might be a little unrealistic, constrained and boxed up. When we talked about how his faith in God really started to grow, he was quick to recall, “God was beginning to break the box that I felt He needed to fit into”.

The world isn’t simply black and white after all. That’s how Kyle describes his transition from being someone who knew about God and is now continuing to grow in pursuit to know the more profound depth of God’s character and personality.

Kyle was born and raised in southern California. As he describes those early years it includes life growing up in a close-knit family that would ultimately choose to move up to the NW and settle into a more family-friendly pace. His parents chose Wenatchee and Kyle landed here when he was 15.

Moving is hard on a kid. This wasn’t an easy transition for Kyle. He left a circle of friends and teams where he was well liked and where he excelled as a student, an athlete and a friend. He left a large church where he was establishing himself as a young leader. Arriving in Wenatchee he quickly got plugged in to Young Life via Don Myers and it wasn’t long before Kyle asked if he could become a student leader.

No. Don told him he’d have to wait; that student leadership was for juniors and seniors.

Nice! New town, new friends, new school, new YL and church life – everything was new for him. It wasn’t an easy season for him.

Kyle, by his nature, is outgoing and hard-working. It’s hard to imagine him sitting still for any length of time. He made friends and found his stride, but reflects on this time as a pivotal moment where he began to realize that his legalistic leanings and his tendency to engineer life were going to need to be addressed. It wouldn’t take long before that happened.

During his junior year at Whitworth, he began to sense that the path he was working toward was not the right path for him. An engineering major, he came to a crossroads. Engineering wasn’t going to cut it for him as a career. Kyle wanted to help kids understand the message that he’d come to understand – that the God of the universe loved Him, saved Him for purposes beyond having to live out the legalism that he, and so many, get caught up in.

So he changed his major, added a little time to his schooling, and focused his attention on preparing for the ministry. It was a life-giving decision that he recalls with gratitude. People who care deeply about him came around him and supported in ways that changed his life. It’s a big deal to make big course-altering decisions like this, especially for an engineer! But Kyle did it and has never regretted it for a minute.

The Whitworth years were also where he met and fell in love with Kelsey. They’ve been married now for 8 years and their marriage has produced two great kids in Brookyn (4) and Hudson (1). Life is busier than ever now as they work on growing their marriage, raising their kids and living out the call they feel compelled to live as they follow Christ and serve their community through the Young Life mission.

As you sit with Kyle, it’s hard to imagine him as a legalist. The world is much more Technicolor for him now. He’s quick to praise God for that transformation and to praise those who’ve impacted his life so deeply: Kelsey Eberth, Don Myers, Kent McDonald, Bill Dooley and the list goes on.

I sat with Kyle just days before he left for his Sabbatical. It will be fun to sit with him again when he returns exploring a season of rest and replenishment! I wonder what colors he’ll use to describe his time away?

Way to go, Kyle and Kelsey! Way to go, Jesus!

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