Tomorrow will mark my 19,358th day on earth. (I keep detailed record of my life)

I awoke this morning to review some notes taken along the journey.

  • Day 4382 (#12): I celebrated the day with my family and grandparents.   I took my gift certificate to DJ’s records and bought Cheech & Chong’s Big Bamboo album and brought it home, played for family and grandparents. Bad idea! Dad snapped the record in half and asked me what the hell I was thinking.
  • Day 10,956 (#30) I celebrated that day with our friends, Scott & Janet Mahon. They hosted a little birthday gathering in their house, enjoying friendship, food, and plenty of laughter.
  • Day 14,609 (#40): I celebrated that day with Teri & the kids in Puerto Vallarta. I was in the best shape of my life. I read a Chronicles of Narnia book aloud to my kids each night that week. There was a peacock outside our lanai each morning. We discovered a bakery that served Tres Leches, better than I’ve ever had since.

Today is day 19,357, the day before my birthday (you do the math). I awoke today and admired the sunrise from the balcony. Wow was the best adjective I could come up—it was a concert for my eyes.

Birthdays are funny as you get older. You look back and you look forward. People ask you what you have planned. You think about how many more birthdays you’ll have.

But birthdays, special as they are, are just another day…just another amazing day we are graced with. Another day where WOW will be the most appropriate adjective.

WOW – Wonder, O Wonder.

This morning was a gift. The sunrise reminded me that God greets each morning with goodness, gracing the world at His behest. It reminded me that I’m alive, that this day is to be celebrated. It reminded me that I am loved and I have people to love.

Year 52 was marked by some precious WOW’s:

  • Katelyn & John’s wedding season (pre and post), bringing a new son into my heart.
  • Watching Dave & Jamie grow in their life together, graced by the gift of living nearby and working with Dave.
  • Ashley & Eric’s life together, the blessing of Eric’s new job and a wonderful community to live in.
  • Drew and my affections for music, each other, experience grace and growth over deep conversation, admiring him as he grows as a man.
  • Teri & my marriage, working on it still in our 33rd year, crazy in love with my high-school sweetheart.
  • Matthias and Berit, two of the most amazing friends to this Papa who can’t get enough of them!
  • News that Ash & Jamie are pregnant, that mommies and babies are healthy and lovely!

I trust that your day, this day, whatever day it is for you, is a WOW that you discover. I found my first WOW in the sunrise today. I found the second when my dear friend came out to the deck and poured me a coffee. I found a third as I read Psalm 33. And it’s only 6:13am!

WOW – wonder, o wonder what this day has graced us with. I trust, amidst all that will come, the wonder of it all will shine noticeably on you today! I bet you’ll find it.

Please share yours with me sometime, if not today. I would enjoy clapping with you.

With affection,



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